Trails and Forest Stewardship Committee


A new Town Committee is forming in Natick. It will be called the Trails and Forest Stewardship Committee, replacing the Town Forest Committee and the Trail Maintenance Committee. There will be 9 members, and Natick residents are invited to take part in TaFS by applying via this link:

FoNT has been supportive of the formation of this new committee, and looks forward to working in active partnership with it, both to assist in its efforts and to fill unmet needs.



2020 FoNT Events

Due to State and Town advisories concerning COVID-19, FoNT events are on hold.

Please click the Events tab, above, for latest information concerning FoNT activities during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Cochituate Rail Trail Update


Please note that all dates are approximate and are subject to change. The following information is as of April 13, 2020, from the Town's website. Much progress even since that date! Stay tuned.

  • All MassDOT projects are proceeding under the COVID-19 guidelines and procedures for construction sites and workers at all public work.

  • Route 9 bridge abutment construction is underway.

  • Route 30 bridge approach and mechanical systems construction are underway, and is expected to continue through April/May 2020. Route 30 underground utility work is expected to be completed by late April.

  • Tie-in of a new 18" water main along Route 9 is expected in April/May.

  • Rough grading of pathway, and riprap, sub-base and fine grade are underway.

  • Route 9 roadway improvements are anticipated in July 2020.

  • Erection of the Route 30 bridges is anticipated in July 2020.

  • Erection of the Route 9 bridges is anticipated in August 2020.

  • The Framingham CRT bench, kiosk, and pathway immediately north of Route 30 is currently closed to the public.

  • The Natick section of the trail is officially closed for the balance of construction.


Recent FoNT Events 


​​Monday Oct 14 - Fun Run & Raffle

Saturday Oct 19 - Natick Trails Day

We had a tremendous turnout for FoNT's first Fun Run hosted and generously supported by Exhibit 'A' Brewing Company. And the town's Open Space Committee's annual Trails Day resulted in a much improved user experience on the Cochituate Aqueduct Trail near the Wellesley town line. Thanks to all who participated! Stay tuned for more events in 2020!

Oct 2019 - Fun Run at Exhibit 'A' Brewing Company

May 2019 - Cleanup event with Keep Natick Beautiful

2018 - Natick Days booth

2017 - CRT cleanup day

Aerial View of the Cochituate Rail Trail


Check out this AWESOME live footage from a drone, of the route the Cochituate Rail Trail follows! Trail is under construction NOW! Completion expected June 2021.


A Voice for Trails in Natick


The Friends of Natick Trails (FoNT) are committed to the success of the trails in Natick (including the new Cochituate Rail Trail), as well as anything else that provides outdoor activities and exploration of our wonderful town. We plan to engage the community in fun and healthy activities for the whole family. This effort will need your support, so please consider donating to our cause using the button below.  Your donation will go toward our mission that may include:

  • Care and maintenance expenses

  • Installation of solar trash receptacles around the trail network

  • Installation of bike racks downtown and elsewhere at key locations

  • Development and maintenance of trails across Natick (walking, bike lanes, mountain trails, etc)

  • Public education for access and development of the Natick trail system

  • Trail signage

  • Purchase of materials for bridges, trail safety, and startup costs

  • Help the Town of Natick with land acquisition costs


Thanks to the vision of our Town Meeting members, who voted 95-25 in favor of funding the acquisition of the property from CSX, the Cochituate Rail Trail (CRT) will now be a reality and is scheduled for construction to begin in 2019, with an anticipated completion date in 2021. We are sure this will be a treasured asset for both recreational and transportation purposes for the large number of people that live and work along the CRT in Framingham and Natick, as well as those who commute to and from Natick Center Station!  The town also has plans to make the trail accessible for use during the interim before formal construction!

Please make a tax deductible donation to Friends of Natick Trails to demonstrate your commitment to improve our town's quality of living. Donate whatever amount works for you - any amount is a positive for the trail, and the number of donations we collect is as important as their size.  Click the "Donate to FoNT" button to pledge.

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